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this girl literally destroys all other covers of let it go and she does it sitting down

Okay, I’ve never even seen Frozen, but I’ve heard Let It Go and this is actually fucking mindblowing.

If my linguistics background and language teaching training are reading this correctly, English is probably not this girl’s first language (though it’s possible that she is bilingual, just probably not from birth), because the /l/ phoneme was introduced to her later in life (or in a different way than it is in English)- you can hear it on certain words, like “girl”, where she struggles to blend the two phonemes, and other indicators of non-native fluency like moments where the cadence of a word or part of a phrase is audibly foreign to her, but she fucking nails the intonation of more than ninety percent of the song on top of belting it out from a goddamn chair.

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